HealthPro Watch

Keep track of your UV exposure and ahead of skin cancer.

The goal of the HealthPro Watch is to prevent excessive exposure to UV radiation and thereby limit the risk of early stages of UV-related skin cancer (which is now at a a ¼ chance for someone with blonde/red hair and white skin above 50).

Okay.. So what's the HealthPro Watch?

Directed & edited by: Jesse de Gans, Actors: Iris Wientjes & Lemuel Wortelboer

We build smart bridges between Technology and Society

HealthPro & Honours program Technology & Society

The Honours Program is designed for students who need to be challenged more. It’s a one year program split in two. First, half-year is all about understanding technology & society and how to create a more all-inclusive design. The next half year you need to build a product which helps technology & society.
In my first year at Windesheim, I apparently did enough to be selected for this program. After I got through the submission process, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mainly joined to meet new people and build new relations with people from other fields than just Computer Science.

The program worked out to be amazing for me. The first half-year we spent on lessons about different topics surrounding Technology & Society. This was needed to create an all-inclusive realization about technology & society. Every week we got lessons from another professor about related fields like the historical, sociological, psychological and futurological perspective to name a few.The honours program is also about getting to know yourself and believe me. I did get to know myself and learned what drives me and where my talents lie. All this and lessons about so-called “Mediation” were important to prepare us for the next half year.

After the first half-year of lessons, we started with our projects. The task was to create a technological innovation which would help technology & society. I was part of a group of four people, and I wouldn’t want any other people than the ones in this amazing team. We all had very different backgrounds one studied nursing the other architecture and the last studied Psychomotor Therapy and Movement Agogics. After days of discussing, we ended up going for an alternation of my first idea — the Health Pro Watch. The idea was to create a watch which coached you how to handle the sun and thereby tighten the chance of skin cancer later on. More about this project can be found in the “Health Pro Watch” part.

The main focus of the program is to learn new ways of thinking about designing "things". Particularly seeing technology and society as one thing to create a more all-inclusive design.

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